Clinical Commissioning Group and Local Forum Chairs Catch-up Meeting

Meeting with CCG (Janette Fullwood), Maidenhead Forum and Slough Forum.

In this catch up meeting we discussed that more resources are being put into reducing the Autism diagnosis waiting list, especially children waiting the longest time.

More money has been given to support services that can be accessed before autism diagnosis. The organisations given extra money are Berkshire Autism, Parent and Special Children, Autism Group.

ADHD waiting lists are a concern as they are increasing.

EHCP audits will continue in June and September. Ideally could there be two representatives from each forum in attendance. CCG were asked by our forum to change meeting times to be more parent/carer friendly between the hours of 10-2pm. Janette Fullwood said she would change the meeting going forward after the audit meeting already re arranged.

It was discussed that SALT/OT/Physio should be less fragmented. Bracknell Forum suggested that CCG contact GOSH and look at their best practice regarding Autism diagnosis, when all professionals are present at two consultations and questionnaires completed by carers at the appointment, reducing administration time between appointments.

Follow up meeting on Thursday 21st June with CCG and Maidenhead and Slough forum chairs at 10am in Maidenhead.