Close Transport Meeting: October 2nd 2018

Key points from the meeting:

  • Transport team sought advice from Muslim Council of Great Britain and sent link to those guidelines to operators.

  • Daisy chain messaging is too complex. 150 routes a day.

  • Contact taxi through taxi base.

  • Transport team to liaise with KLS to look again at training for drivers and chaperones.

  • A need to improve communication between parents/child/driver/chaperone/taxi driver and taxi company.

  • Action: Transport to investigate First Aid administration whilst child is in taxi.

  • Transport team requested stronger communication between school staff/escorts and taxi drivers.

  • Not may taxi books in circulation at present.

  • Future: Transport team are looking at ‘Central Pickup Points” for families where the children are more able. Forum expressed concern with families with young children, multiple SEN children and children with complex needs.

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