Transport - Key guidlines

Your rights to transport are set out in a number of UK Acts of Parliament and Statutory Guidance (don't be fooled by the label guidance, in the UK a statutory guidance must be followed) and case law.

IPSEA (Independent Parental Special Education Advice) have a very good section on Transport that every parent of children who have transport should read. There are some interesting case law summaries about transport.

If you receive transport from the LA the key points that you should be aware of though are:

  • All journeys should be stress free.

  • Statutory guidance says that

  • Primary school children should travel no more than 45 minutes

  • Secondary school children should travel no more than 75 minutes

  • BFC specifics include the following

  • Waiting time of up to three minutes.

  • In common with other LA and in line with the law they will not transport outside borough if they believe your needs are meet in borough.

  • Often parents can apply for bursaries from colleges for transport costs where the need is not met by the borough. You will need to ask your college directly about these..