Multi Agency and Parent Representatives Integrated Therapy Workshop

The workshop was attended by members of the forum and the following is their feedback.

Location: Manor Green School

Date: 7/11/18


  • Discuss the proposal to have a joint forum to align commissioning of SALT, OT and Physiotherapy in East Berkshire.

  • Currently there is a Triage service, which the professionals feel is need lead. It is structured in three stages.

  • Universal

  • Targeted

  • Specialist

  • It was discussed that regarding EHCP’s; the council can only add professional reports recommendations to an EHCP and these have to be NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) approved.


  • The workshop recognized that the forum should first concentrate on OT waiting times, and recruitment of OT professionals. More data is needed on this subject.

  • This is an ongoing discussion and no decisions have been made to date.