Summary of Meetings Attended for Parent Forum Oct 2018 to Dec 2019

17th October: Senco Hub: Postponed

18th October: CCG Catch up: Not attended

Introduction of Bracknell PCF to Early Years Parents

Sandra Beadon and Lenka Garcia attended. The Children’s Centre, Great Hollands, Bracknell.

We introduced the forum to parents attending an Autism course and gave out the Bracknell Parent/Forum Autumn Newsletter 2018 and our contact details.

EHCP: Multi Agency Learning: 30th October 2018: Not attended.

Joint Commissioning Board: November 1st 2018

How can CCG/BFC work together? Voted on two choices for support for CYP with mental health issues.

A: Locality cluster/ GP practice working with schools.

B: Training early help triage: Train wider workforce.

Voted for A: Janette Fullwood will be presenting to senior management of CCG for consideration.

Need to reduce inappropriate referrals for mental health problems.

Joint Commission Board: November 1st 2018

Local Transformation Plan to be published soon. To be reviewed in one year.

Green Paper to follow in early 2019.

Discussed what schools need to support children and young people concerning mental health.

Multi Agency and Parent Integrated Workshop: 7th November 2018.

Launching this forum to align communication between services.

Need to improve Autism referrals.

Children and Young People (CYP) health Hub exists with:

Online Referral forms: Linked to Local Offer.

Triage service: Linked to Paediatric respite, CAMHS, Dieticians and SALT.

Slough Integrated Therapies need to join the forum.

Schools need to provide a clear website saying what SEN provisions they provide support for in their school for CYP.

Important to see children holistically and EHCP plans as need based. Schools should be able to ask council for more support to fulfil EHCP’s.

Operational levels

2 Weeks: referrals for Eating and Drinking

18 Weeks: Referrals Targets

6 Weeks: Responding to EHCP Targets

Evidence based therapy.

Targeted training.

Local authorities should share equipment, training and expertise. OT (Occupational Therapy) waiting lists are too long. More staff recruitment needed.

Senco Hub: 20th November 2018: Couldn’t attend.

Send Improvement Meeting: Dec 5th2018

Looking more closely at EHCP training for BFC.

Local Offer to liaise with Forum/ BFC for suggestions for improvements and upgrade.

Supported Interim Project (pilot) at Bracknell College.

Sandra Beadon and Lenka Garcia attended.

SEN Improvement Meeting: 5th December 2018

Jackie Ross: Head of SEN talked about Rochford Review (October 2016). Highlighted need for schools to get skilled support staff- could trade and cluster skills and expertise with other schools. Too many fixed exclusions in schools in BFC.

Autism waiting list must reduce. All Age Autism Hub proposed. Offer remote online access to help and support for children and young people in BFC.

Better Care Fund: should be widened to all 3 local authorities. (Bracknell Forest, Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead).

Transport: Need to develop sustainable/inhouse support.

SEN Task Group: 12th December 2018: Postponed.

Kids/ CCG Planning Meeting” 19th December2018:

There is currently free support on offer from the national programme funded by the department for Education delivered by Kids and the Council for Disabled Children.

Local Authorities and health teams are offered the opportunity to evaluate and develop strategic and individual participation of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs in their area.

The aim is to set high standards for quality participation of young people with disabilities and SEN in delivering and development of services to employ young people with SEN and disabilities to impact on policy and decision making at local, regional and national levels.

Attended by Lenka Garcia, and three LA’s representatives, BFC and CCG.

Local Transformation Plan, CYP Mental Health and Wellbeing meeting: 19th

December 2018: Unable to attend.