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The NHS Long Term Plan

In December 2019 the NHS released the NHS Long Term Plan for the next 10 years to show how extra money from the government will be spent. The NHS Long Term Plan has ambitions that involve young people with SEND. For instance, one of the aims of the plan is ‘Making sure everyone gets the best start in life’ which specifically states:

  • Bringing down waiting times for autism assessments

  • Providing the right care for children with a learning disability

I've collated some useful information about the NHS Long Term Plan.

The NHS Long Term Plan has a website https://www.longtermplan.nhs.uk/ with a wealth of information. Included on the website are:

One of the key elements of the plan is the idea of personalised care and the NHS have written the Universal Personalised Care: Implementing the Comprehensive Model which can be found here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/universal-personalised-care.pdf


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