SEND Preparing for Adult Life Work Support Workshop

Following the recent workshop at the Bracknell OLC around SEND preparing for adult life work support. We have received the following e-mail from Kelly Melling who ran the workshop.

On a personal note, I attended the workshop and found it very informative about how my child with SEND could potentially be supported in work experience and any future work.


Hi all,

It was so nice to meet you all on Wednesday evening and to hear all about your wonderful children. As promised, here is the presentation.

I also promised to send you an example of employment related outcomes in an EHCP. I’ve attached a section of a young person’s EHCP for you, which is anonymised and for which I have permissions to share. In addition, there is a really helpful guide which gives you more ideas which can be found at

I also promised to send you a link about a guide about how to support young people with additional learning needs into work, which can be found at

And finally, I promised to send you the link to Down’s Syndrome Association Workfit service If you would like a personal introduction to them, please just let me know. If there is anything else, please do let me know. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you all.Have a wonderful weekend.Cheers, Kathy MellingMelling Training and Consultancy