BPCF Meeting to July 2020

22nd May 2020

Catch Up Meeting with Head of SEN: On Teams

Kashif Nazaw

Time: 8.30-9.30am

  • Discussed EHCP and Annual Reviews time schedule to remain unchanged during the lockdown if possible.

  • 16% of lessons in BFC occurring online during the lockdown compared to 3% nationally.

  • Pupils will have a phased return to school from 15th June 2020.

  • No pupils with SEN ar4e using transport at present for Kennel lane School.

Full minutes available on request.

Attendees: Sandra Beadon and Lenka Garcia.

Meeting on Teams

27th May 2020

EHCP meeting cancelled

27th May 2020

East Berkshire SEN Meeting: On Teams: 10-11am

  • CCG looked at the ways in which they could support children and families with mental health needs and learning disabilities during the pandemic.

  • Attendee: Sandra Beadon

Full Minutes on request.

29th May 2020

Transport Team Meeting: On Teams: 8.30-9.30am

We met with the head of transport Matt Howlett and his team.

  • Discussed the increase in parents/carers taking their children to school during the pandemic. The transport team will reimburse the travel costs and the families will still be intitled to transport when the situation has returned to normal.

  • August 2020: A letter will be sent to parents to inform them of the plans for those chosen to take up the “Pick Up Point” transport scheme.

  • September: The “Pick Up Point Transport scheme” will start.

  • Transport Survey results of February 2020 are to be sent to Local Offer and the forum to distribute.

Full minutes on request.

Attendees: Sandra Beadon and Lenka Garcia

12th June 2020

Dynamic Support Register Meeting: On Teams

Time: 2.30-4pm

  • The team will start by collecting pupils’ names who are currently in residential school and in Tier 4 in East Berkshire.

  • The team will look at how residential and hospitalization can be prevented.

  • The team is hoping to extend the project to the whole of Berkshire and extending the project to 16-25 years old’s and above in age in the future.

Full minutes available on request.

Attendee: Sandra Beadon

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash