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Shining a light on children and young people with special needs.


Bracknell Parent Carer Forum (BPCF) is the voice for you, your children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities in Bracknell Forest Council.

BPCF is a partnership between parents/carers of children with additional needs and key professionals who work with them.   It provides a networking opportunity and forum for consultation and participation in planning and developing services within Bracknell Forest.  Key speakers are invited to discuss current services and new developments.




Being well informed is important for you to be able to access services and better placed to be able to provide feedback on the services you use and want in the future.

We enable parents and carers an opportunity to:

  • Discover and find out more about services within Bracknell and surrounding areas

  • Share you experiences, thoughts and ideas with your peers and service providers

  • Receive support from like-minded people

  • Gain confidence​


Information from consultation is shared with Social Care, Education and the NHS to help improve services now and shape provision in the future.

We aim for parents to be actively involved in discussing and planning future services.

Ultimately this will result in more effective and appropriate services being available for the children and families of Bracknell.

We are also members of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums, which feeds back on services for disabled children at a national level.


​The only way that things change for the better is through your participation so that the views of parents and carers can be heard loud enough with the service providers.

Without your participation Bracknell Forest Council will not be able to make the changes you want.

We want to actively encourage discussion of ideas so that service now and in the future meet our needs.

Participation empowers parents and carers to engage confidently and effectively in meetings about your children and young people.

  • Informal contact with parents at our events, providing the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with other parents and carers.

  • Targeted consultation and Q & A sessions on particular subjects.

  • Formal surveys asking for opinions.

We are always eager to hear of other aspects of your child’s care that you believe could be improved. You can contact us at any time.


  • Come to one of our events

  • Use you experience to help improve services for others

    • Tell us your concerns, experiences (good and bad) and difficulties with services

    • Take part in our consultations

    • Volunteer to attend local authority meetings

    • Joining task groups working on particular issues

    • Join the steering group 





Hello, I am the chair of Bracknell Parent Carer Forum.  I am married and am a mother of three children: two boys and a girl. My youngest son has Autism, Uncontrolled epilepsy and Global Development Delay. 
I have lived in the Bracknell area for twenty years and am a trained secondary school English teacher and was a governor at Kennel Lane School for seven years.
I have recently taken over the chair of the forum and look forward to introducing myself to you all at the next forum meeting.  I am passionate about creating real change and hope for our children and young people, giving them a brighter future where they are given the same opportunities as their peers in society.


Deputy Chairperson

I am married with three boys, who are all on the autistic spectrum – my life is challenging but certainly never dull! My youngest, Ethan, is at Kennel Lane; my middle son, Kyle, is in mainstream school; and my eldest, Alex, goes to a specialist autism school.
As well as my involvement in the Forum, I am Vice-chair at Friends of Kennel Lane, helping to organise many fundraising events. I am also a volunteer at the Open Learning Centre Language Café, helping people learn English as their second language. 
When time allows, I enjoy movies, science fiction and scriptwriting.



I am married and have two children on the autistic spectrum. My boys enjoy a range of activities including swimming, biking and regular visits to Legoland, but most of all walking in the forest with our dog Jess. This keeps us very busy. I am also passionate about speech, language and communication. I encourage both my boys to be as independent as possible.
As well as my role in the Parent Carer Forum I am involved in Friend of Kennel Lane school.


Associate Member

Helena is an associate member.