Information from consultation is shared with Social Care, Education and the NHS to help improve services now and shape provision in the future.

We aim for parents to be actively involved in discussing and planning future services.

Ultimately this will result in more effective and appropriate services being available for the children and families of Bracknell.

We are also members of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums, which feeds back on services for disabled children at a national level.



​The only way that things change for the better is through your participation so that the views of parents and carers can be heard loud enough with the service providers.

Without your participation Bracknell Forest Council will not be able to make the changes you want.

We want to actively encourage discussion of ideas so that service now and in the future meet our needs.

Participation empowers parents and carers to engage confidently and effectively in meetings about your children and young people.

  • Informal contact with parents at our events, providing the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with other parents and carers.

  • Targeted consultation and Q & A sessions on particular subjects.

  • Formal surveys asking for opinions.

We are always eager to hear of other aspects of your child’s care that you believe could be improved. You can contact us at any time.